Information and Route



1.  The Parade is scheduled for DECEMBER 1, 2018 at 6:00 pm

2.   There is no fee to be in the parade or to view the parade.


1.  Enter the staging area from Oaklawn drive.  Stagers in yellow vest will assist you.
2.  There is no decorating of floats in the staging area.
3.  No participants car may be parked in the staging area.   (Park behind Brookshires)
4.  All VFD's are to line up on Mall drive to be fed in.


The parade will line up on Main Street 2 deep and will then proceed south.   They will be fed into one single line at 3rd avenue.   PLEASE WATCH THE FEEDER...

The parade will go south on Main Street
East on 6th Ave.
North on Beaton street and will break up on Oaklawn.   Do not come back into the staging area.